• Peking Ente sommerrollen
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  • 4 Personen
  • 25 Minuten
  • Mild

Peking Ente sommerrollen Mit Shiitake, Karotten und Frühlingszwiebeln

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  • 100 g Geräucherte Entenbrustfilet
  • 3 Frühlingszwiebeln, in Stücke geschnitten
  • 2 in Streifen geschnittene Wurzeln
  • 1 Gurke, in Streifen schneiden
  • 1 Kopf von Eisbergsalat, in Streifen geschnitten
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  • Küche: Asiatischer Mix
  • Gang: Beilage
  • Geschmack: Mild
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Zubereitung Peking Ente sommerrollen

 With this recipe you can easily make your own summer rolls filled with Peking duck! You can actually fill them with everything you like, but in this recipe we use Shiitake mushrooms, smoked duck breast fillet, chili peanuts and carrots.


1. Cut all the vegetables and mushrooms finely. If the duck is not yet cut, cut it into fine slices.


2. Crumble the chili peanuts in a mortar, or if you do not have a mortar, in a clean kitchen towel with a rolling pin or the side of a kitchen knife.


3. Soak the rice skin for about 3 seconds in a bath of water and place it with a point forward towards you. Then sprinkle it in the middle with a slice of duck, 1 tbsp Peking duck sauce, peanuts, spring onion, carrot, cucumber and iceberg lettuce.


4. Fold the rice sheet as an egg roll. If all goes well, both the bottom, the top and the sides of the rice sheet are free of ingredients. Fold the bottom with the tip inwards over the ingredients. Roll up the spring roll once and fold the sides inwards. Continue rolling until you reach the top of the sheet. Make the corners slightly wet and stick the spring roll as an envelope. Repeat until the ingredients are finished.


5. Serve them as a side dish or make a stock to take for example as lunch! Tasty!

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