• Gado Gado
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Gado Gado A delicious vegetarian dish

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  • Küche: Indonesien
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Zubereitung Gado Gado

Gado Gado literally means mix-mix. It is a vegetarian Indonesian dish and everyone has their own variant. Feel free to replace the fresh ingredients of this recipe according to your taste! That’s what is great about Gado Gado!  


1. Put a pan of water and boil the eggs hard in 8-10 minutes. Transfer the eggs to a bowl of cold/ice water and leave them for a minute. Then peel them and cut into wedges.

2. Then continue with the washing and cutting of the vegetables. The cauliflower may be cut into small florets. The cucumber and the carrot in half slices.

3. Boil the vegetables in a pan with water until they are al dente. The bean sprouts can be blanched.

4. Bake the tempeh in a pan with sunflower oil. If it turns nicely golden brown, you can remove the pan from the fire.

5. Meanwhile, make the gado gado mix as indicated on the packaging.

6. Then it's time to make your plate, put the vegetables on your plate and pour the sauce to taste.

Serviertipp: Serve with the prawn crackers and chili paste

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