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Würziges Chili-Huhn In einem leckeren Fladenbrot

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geschreven door Astrid Petit

Zubereitung Würziges Chili-Huhn

Sometimes you just want to cook a simple nice meal. For example chili chicken in a pita bread (you can also replace it with a wrap or noodles). Really super nice and very simple!

1. Cut the cucumber in the long way by half and take out the seeds with a spoon. Cut the cucumber into thin segments, tomatoes into cubes, the red onion into thin rings and the chicken into cubes.

2. Heat in a wok oil and add tomato, garlic, bouillon powder. And let it simmer until a pap is created. Then add your chili sauce and the chicken and fry until done. Finally, add the peanuts.

3. Heat the pita bread in the oven or a toaster. Put salad in it, then the chili chicken, cucumber, red onion and finally garnish with coriander.

Serviertipp: Tasty in a pita bread but also replacable with a wrap or noodles.

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